Customer Support

Customer Support – We Care to Support!

Customer is queen and we are the royal designers. This is how we spell our customer care support for us. We have adopted the latest e-commerce techniques so that you can make a purchase in a safe and sound environment. 

Digital Showcase 

We have made this ‘digital showcase,’ which can save your surfing time, if you are very clear about what exactly you are looking for. Most of our products carry write ups with them where you can figure out the USP of these products and the brain behind the designs. 

All Your Queries Are Addressed Instantly

Our customer care unit also functions like our front office as well. They are well versed with the designs and other operations of the website and they have this access to solve your queries at all the possible levels. Right from information to the complaints, they are all ears to your queries. 

Make a Wish!

If you are someone who loves to have that human touch in the demonstration of the clothes and designs then again you can make a call to our customer care they are keen to be all ears with your wants and desires. 

Our call center is a versatile way to contact us and here you can satiate all your queries at a single window or a single call if we can say it even more precisely.