About Us

A Dress Designers’ Dwell with a Difference!

Our dress designing house is a dwell of diligent designers for whom efficiency is a métier for doing any job-at-hand.  

Quality Is Our Pride!

Quality is the sole pride of efficient workmanship! And at TS Garments, quality is not just a happenstance, rather it is a habit. Endowed with true workmanship, our dress designers know their ‘thread and needle’ work the best! 

Quality and Timely Delivery Go Hand-in-Hand at TS Garments

It is always the best and the finest work that customers want; they have no interest in the dregs of our exhaustion. So, we always think and believe in quality over quantity, and try to provide super-quality clothing to our esteemed and valuable customers. Also, we believe in timely delivery of clothes as the customers want these dresses for particular occasions and we believe that our customers should not miss the chance of wearing their favourite dresses at the occasions they have premeditated to wear them. 

Fashion for the Fashion Icons!

We believe in creating style statements. We don’t believe in fashion icons. You are our fashion icon. We can design in accordance with your personality. We can create a style statement for you. We are not here to sale certain pre-meditated pieces of clothes. We are here to sale some gems of designing which are specially designed for you. 

It is Not About Sparkling Colours and Expensive Fabrics Alone 

We understand the basic needs of attire; clothes are not just a draping on your body. They are statements that you are making. They are the reflection of moods. They communicate the state of mind that you are bearing at that particular moment and on top of that now they have become a non-verbal part of your public communication. When we design, we keep all these factors in ready in the form of a check list. This is why we can proudly say that we don’t just design for a body type; instead we design for a complete personality package. 

Experts to Cater to Your Power Dressing and Glamour Dressing Needs 

The selection of clothes also reflects the EQ and IQ of a person. We understand this fact to the core and this is why you can rely with us when you want to design some clothes for all those “moments of glory” for you. “A lot of thought process has gone into the design” these are few quotes that are waiting for you if you are hiring us to design for you. 

An Interesting Twist to the Routine Tale 

Kurtis, bridal wear, sarrees, lehangas, Indian outfits and indo-western outfits, these are not just the types of design for us; they are like genre for us. We design like a creative writer who wants to explore every possible opportunity of craftsmanship and give a new twist to the routine tale.  

Brands are meant for the cattle class” this is the mantra which is catching up in the elite market today. We design to increase your brand value. We design to position you on a different platform. 

Our mantra of clothes and look designing is very simple - Clothes and attires are not all about good looks and nice snap shots, they are equally about right attitude and the mood of the occasion gelled with your personality traits as well.